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  2 Pack - Sena 5S High-Definition Bluetooth Intercom system (Normally $299)
  1  FREE high quality Freakmount magnetic phone holder for your motorcycle (Normally $50)
 FREE shipping included!

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$350 $299 (SAVE $50)!

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This is what your ride has been missing. 

Stay connected with friends or family and be safe on the road with our Motorcycle Communication Bundle.

Sena 5S High-Definition Bluetooth Intercom system

  • Best-in-class dual intercoms to stay connected on the road, hands-free.
  • In-helmet HD speakers, two-way intercom, and LCD screen.
  • Share music with your riding companion with Bluetooth 5.
  • Safe, intuitive user interface to keep you safer while driving.
  • High-quality boom mic designed for excellent audio.

General Features

Bluetooth specification v5.0
Working distance: up to 700m (0.4mi) in open terrain
Supports 2 total riders in duplex communication
FM radio
Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): play, pause, track forward and track back 
Universal intercom allows allows pairing to other brands of Bluetooth headsets
Easy operation by versatile jog dial 
GPS navigation
Water resistant for use in inclement weather 
Up to 7 hours talk time, 7 days stand-by time 
Can be used while charging on road trips 
Individual volume control for each audio source 
CE, FCC, TELEC and IC Certified
Upgradeable firmware 
2 year warranty


Talk time: 8 hours
Standby time: 7 days
Working distance (intercom): up to 400 meters (430 yards) in open terrain
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 55°
Headset dimensions: 69.9 mm x 45.0 mm x 30.6 mm
Clamp unit dimensions: 49.2 mm x 38.9 mm x 22.1 mm
Operating temperature: -10˚C-55˚C (14°F-131°F)


Advanced Noise Control: improved wind and engine noise reduction
Sidetone: user's voice plays back over all speakers similar to a Goldwing or Harley Davidson intercom
Built-in SBC Codec
Noise cancellation
Wind noise reduction
Wide volume control
Sample rate: 48kHz (DAC)
FM radio frequency specifications: 76 ~ 108MHz

Package Contents

Communication unit
Clamp mount
Surface mount
Boom microphone
USB power cable
Microphone sponge
VELCRO® brand closures pads for speakers
VELCRO® brand closures pad for boom mic
Hex key

What People Say About The Sena 5S High Definition Bluetooth Intercom System

FreakMount Magnetic Phone Holder 

  • Super-strong magnet mount, guaranteed to stay put.
  • Fits any smartphone.
  • Withstands high vibrations and winds over 200mph.
  • ​Install in seconds.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • ​Will never scratch!

Why The Freakmount Was Created

Don Halpern, Freakmount Inventer

"I didn’t think that I was asking a lot when I went out to buy a mount that would let me see and use my phone while riding my Harley Wide Glide. 

I didn’t want to permanently attach anything to my bike or my phone, I didn’t want to view my phone screen through some kind of plastic bag or box, and I didn’t want some kind of big clunky complex contraption clamped to my handlebars. There was nothing available to meet my need. 

Seriously! It just didn’t exist. So I invented the FreakMount. It’s a simple, functional, practical, easy to use magnetic phone holder that’s “freaky strong”. It will stay where you put it, but it's easy to swap around to other bikes. 

The FreakMount is the real deal, and now I use it everywhere. You can feel the quality the second you pick it up. I love this thing, and I’m confident you will too. If not, we’ll refund your money."

What People Say About The FREAKMOUNT Billet Magnetic Motorcycle Phone Mount

At Freedom Riderz, we take our name seriously. You deserve ultimate freedom on the road.

Freedom means more than the open highway, blue skies, and a sweet ride.

It means…

Wheeling your bike out for a ride any time you want. 

Taking pride in your motorcycle and knowing it looks great.

Keeping the rubber side down because your ride and its upgrades are safe.

Freedom Riderz is all about helping you customize your bike and look great on the road—without a hassle.
Stay connected.

Like to share the road with a riding companion or passenger? Don’t settle for a second-rate intercom system. 

With the two-way dual pack Sena 5S, you’ll be able to keep the music going and the lines of conversation clear. It uses cutting-edge Bluetooth 5 technology for excellent HD audio quality and built-in audio equalizer profiles make your drive even more enjoyable.

Guaranteed quality.

The Sena 5S features fully redesigned in-helmet speakers that are beveled and tapered to fit in your helmet’s speaker pockets. Plus, it includes a clamp kit and high-quality boom microphone that fits perfectly inside your helmet, without compromising your comfort.

Cruise safely.

Cut down on dangerous distractions with the Sena 5S’s intuitive Jog Dial, which is easy to control while driving. 

The intercom’s integrated LCD screen and hands-free phone answering system will keep your mitts on the handlebars and your mind on the road. Plus, you’ll hear GPS prompts clear as a bell through the HD speakers, so you always know where to turn.

More bang for your buck.

Not only will you receive the Sena 5S Bluetooth Communication System - Dual Pack, you’ll also get a FreakMount Magnetic Phone Holder at no additional cost, plus free shipping!

Your FreakMount Magnetic Phone Holder is...

Literally the strongest magnetic phone holder on the market. Made with rare earth magnets designed to give your phone the firmest, most secure grip, you’ll never have to worry about breaking or losing your phone while you ride.

Easy to install and use. It takes seconds to install, and seconds to use. FreakMount will never slow you down.

Perfect for your smartphone. With an innovative design, FreakMount perfectly fits any smartphone, no matter how big or small—even if you have a big case. 

Ready for the road. The FreakMount’s super-strong magnet can hold up to 22 lbs tight in wind speeds over 200 mph, as well as withstand high vibrations. So your phone will be safe, even riding in a hurricane (though we don’t recommend trying).

Guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. FreakMount is so confident in the quality of their product that they’ve covered the mount with a lifetime warranty. If it doesn’t work as promised, if it’s damaged, or if it scratches your paint, we’ll give you a full refund.

Ready to hit the road, your way?

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